0.35 mm Magnetic Sheet

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0.35 mm Magnetic Sheet


0.35 mm Magnetic Sheet

Magnetic Sheet


Sheet magnets are the basic product group. It is also known as sheet magnet or magnet sheet, magnet plate or plate magnet. It is used in the production of many types of magnets and has different versions as adhesive and roll.


Do not fall behind the competition with ready-made sheet magnets with a thickness of 0.35 mm; Get the price and time advantage! It is a favorite of organized printers with its effective gravitational force.


The magnetic side of the 0.35 mm (350 micron) layer magnet product is covered with glossy UV that users will like. The plastering process is done on the non-magnetic matte surface. Thus, magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces can be distinguished.


There are 100 sheet magnets in the box of our 0.35 mm (350µ) sheet magnet product and it can be sold in units.


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