0.5 mm Adhesive Magnet

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0.5 mm Adhesive Magnet


0.5 mm Adhesive Magnet

Adhesive Magnet


0.5 mm adhesive magnet provides great convenience, especially in the production of refrigerator magnets that will be made by sticking one by one. The non-magnetic side of the product is covered with double-sided tape. The glue of double-sided tapes used in 0.5 mm magnets is solvent acrylic glue. Solvent acrylic glue provides much more effective adhesion than hotmelt and water-based acrylic glues, which are generally preferred in our country; Does not dry out over time. 0.5 mm adhesive magnets are generally preferred for objects that will carry a light load, such as refrigerator magnets made of light wood, magnets made of aluminum, and tile refrigerator magnets.


For photographers, we recommend a 0.5 mm thick self-adhesive magnet. In order to turn your photos into magnets, it will be enough to stick the magnet on the back of the photo after removing the cover of the adhesive tape. The photo magnet can be easily cut with scissors or a utility knife.


There are 40 layers of products in the boxes of 0.5 mm self-adhesive magnets. We can sell by piece.



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