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Badge Magnet

Badge Magnet is a practical and aesthetic type of magnet often used at events, conferences, fairs and similar organizations. This badge magnet is usually in the form of a badge and is designed to enable people who wear the badges to easily cling to their clothes. The main purpose of this special badge magnet is to ensure that the badge can be easily carried and fixed by the wearer. Typically placed on the back of the badge, this magnet holds securely when in contact with clothing worn, preventing the badge from falling off. This allows badges to be used regularly and safely, especially at large events or crowded environments. Badge Magnet is generally small in size and designed as a metal disc. This disk provides the magnetic power of the magnet, attaching the badge to the clothing worn. It is important that the material quality and magnetic strength of the magnet ensure that the badge is carried safely, while at the same time not damaging the clothing worn. Aesthetically speaking, the Badge Magnet usually has an invisible or minimalist design. This allows the badge to stand out and be worn comfortably on the wearer. It also focuses on displaying the front of the badge magnet, ensuring that information such as the organization's logo, the name of the event, or the name of the attendee is clearly visible.



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